Craig Burrows Custom Built Homes carries out all aspects of the building process and prides itself on dedication, a solid work ethic and consistently delivering on time, high quality homes within given budgets….Start working with us today.

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Who We are

Craig Burrows
Craig believes that Building a new home is a journey about trust, from the very first meeting to handing over the keys.

Building is not just a career to Craig, he is dedicated to his craft. His name is on it, and from the owner on down, he approaches work with dedication and passion.

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of extensive experience in North Queensland, Craig Burrows Custom Built Homes has built a solid reputation based on strong foundation of fair business practices and building sustainable homes that will stand the test of time in the tropics.

No two homes are alike as are no two clients. Each journey is unique, and each home requires an approach to suite your taste, land aspects and budget. The reason we have been a success is that we are not shy of a challenge and have developed a reputation specializing in hillslopes and difficult to access blocks.

Initial design and process meeting
Acceptance of estimate and plan preparation
Colour selection/finishes
Concept and design of your new home
Contract documents and council building approval
Construction and project management

During the designing phase we will give you plenty of options and believe it is fundamentally important for owners to play an active role at such an integral stage.

Meeting with Craig is your first step. He will guide you and keep you informed every step of the way by providing estimates, budgets, and making certain the owner is satisfied during all phases of construction.

Craig will work with architects, engineers, and subcontractors to help design of homes that will render energy efficiency and high performance and bring your vision to life. Our team of highly qualified employees has an in-depth knowledge of site work, foundation, framing, millwork and finish carpentry. Remaining work is subcontracted to reputable and reliable craftspeople.

With Craigs talent and experience and with your vision together we can create the perfect place to call home. Build your dream today!


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Frequently asked questions

What to look for before purchasing a block of land?

The type of land you buy makes a huge difference on the overall cost of building your home. Craigs knowledge in building costs associate with the quality of the land comes second to none. The money you might think you are saving on buying a low-priced block may cost you much more than the money you saved on the land with earthworks and foundations. Remove the heartache and disappointment….call Craig to inspect the land before purchase at no extra cost or obligation.

Why do sloping blocks cost more to build on?

Whilst the view and positioning may be great, when buying on a sloping block there is much more to consider that on a level horizontal block. They are challenging to build on and require far more work in earthworks, foundations, drainage, erosion, retaining walls. The knowledge of a good builder with experience on sloping blocks will be essential to the integrity of the home and withstanding the test of time.

Does Craig Burrows Custom Built Homes handle the town planning application and approval process?

Yes. We work alongside our planning partners to help you through every stage of the planning process.

Why is maintaining my home after the built important?

Whilst it may seem like an un-glamourous, laborious thing to do but maintaining your home is as crucial as it is to maintain your car. It is likely to be the most expensive asset you have with your car second and how often do you clean, polish, maintain your car? Maintaining and keeping on top of it will add value to your home and save you money in the long run when initial small job become huge jobs if left unattended. Craig will provide you with a list of tasks to consider to keep you home smiling.

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